Murrays Bay Intermediate School

I would like to record our sincere thanks for the wonderful way your firm, Shakthi, has exercised their contractual duties at Murrays Bay Intermediate. In all my 29 years as a Principal I have not encountered such a competent group of people from the building industry.

Your time with us has been characterised by flexibility, a high level of understanding around the school context, and advanced personal people skills. To have the building completed before the expected planned time has been exceptionally welcome to our school community.

We are rejoicing in the high quality finished product. It is innovative, functional and well built.

I would recommend your firm to any person or organisation who is considering a building programme.


Murrays Bay Intermediate School
Colin J Dale Principal

Kohia Terrace School

Kohia Terrace School has just completed a 11 classroom upgrade under our 5 YA funding. Shakthi construction, with project manager Rishi Singh, right from the outset have been thorough and consultative. In the initial stages we were impressed with the level of detail in the quoting process; the only company to ask questions in regard to colour schemes, and clarification of what work was to be incorporated.

The time lines agreed just prior to work being commenced were met to the day which was very much appreciated. The staff on site were always friendly, courteous and mindful of that fact they were working in a school setting.

Rishi kept me, and our school project manager, well informed throughout and offered appropriate suggestions to improve on the scope of work that had been initially detailed by the school. This initiative and the work carried out was appreciated. Areas to be addressed indentified in the quality control stages were attended to quickly and in time frames that would no impinge on classroom operation.

I have found Shakthi Construction to be a responsive and well run company and would have no hesitation in recommending them. We are very happy with the work that has been carried out and would engage them for further work if and when required.

Kohia Terrace School
Alison Spence Principal

Pomaria Primary School

Shakti Construction were the contracted Registered Builders of our most recent building project, the transformation of Rooms 8-13 into Modern Learning Environments (MLE).

At all stages of the building process Shakti Construction demonstrated excellent health and safety practices and always maintained a high standard of professionalism and attention to detail. Shakti Construction never failed to clearly communicate with all parties at every stage of the project.

I would have no hesitation recommending Shakti Construction to other schools. If at any stage you would like to view Shakti’s workmanship please don’t hesitate to contact me and make a time to look through our MLE.

Pomaria Primary School
Kevin Choromanski Principal

Christian Churches NZ

Homestead Community House and Church

It is with pleasure that we write this reference for Shakthi Construction.

Shakthi Construction were chosen above other tendering companies for our Homestead project because their staff arrived on site with the plans and their tender documents were comprehensive and detailed – which indicated to us at this early stage that they were well organized.

We have been very pleased with our choice of company. This firm has acted honestly and responsibly throughout the construction process, and have kept us informed at all times.

The project was completed a month ahead of schedule and we absolutely love the finished building. We were impressed with their professionalism, work ethic, integrity and it was great to deal with a company that holds customer service in such high regard.

Christian Churches
Val Jones Secretary

Estuary Arts Centre

Having been in and using the wonderful education wing built for us by Shakhti Construction, we are looking forward to many years of creative classes. It was wonderful to work alongside Naresh and his team to get the project completed on time for our new school year.

It was by no means an easy project, but the guys just got stuck in and pushed particularly hard towards the end of the project to help us meet our timetable. We could not recommend this company highly enough, in both their attitude towards the project and their workmanship.

On behalf of the board of trustees and our members, we extend huge thanks to the entire team at Shakhti.

Estuary Arts Centre
Roy Burgoyne Chairperson Estuary Arts Charitable Trust